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What to Expect at FXD!

Take a look at videos from FXD 2021, our fifth annual event (and first virtual one!) that brought together leaders from USAA, Betterment, MetLife, Bank of America and many more. Join us in 2021 to learn, network and be inspired to design for change.

Building Connections. Making Change.

FXD is a highly curated program designed to provide attendees with a lasting impression that motivates action. It’s more than just a day of listening and learning. Our Mad*Pow experts will host a series of workshops and other interactive activities to connect while solving alongside other leaders across the financial services domain.

Check out photos and videos from past years:

2017 Photos2017 Videos
2018 Photos2018 Videos
2019 Photos | 2019 Videos
2020 Videos from our virtual event
2021 Videos from our virtual event

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Conference Themes

The themes for the 2021 Conference were carefully selected by our highly curated Advisory Board and include:

  • Driving Customer Empathy – It’s easy to focus on the bottom line in financial services. How to direct our attention back to the customer, and what are some of the downstream effects of doing so?
  • Scaling Design – Taking micro and macro views of design, leaders will share real examples of effectively scaling with their teams and how you can too.
  • Breaking Through Organizational Siloes – What tools and practices can we adopt to break down siloes within our organizations? Hear from design leaders who have taken on these challenges and developed strategies to overcome and refocus.
  • Building and Maintaining Design Culture – In a constantly changing world, leadership in design is challenging. What are the common pitfalls leaders fall into? How can they be avoided? What are the essential skills leaders themselves should be developing to serve their teams best?
  • The Future of Finance – We’ll take a broad view of the finance industry and look to surrounding society to better understand what might be coming and how we can help shape that future.
  • Designing for Inclusion – How can we ensure bias is removed from design, as we break down walls of systemic racism within the sector, creating pathways for inclusion and belonging?

Conference By

Mad*Pow created FXD in 2017 with a vision of addressing the issues and challenges across the financial services industry in an age of business model disruption and experience-based differentiation. With almost two decades of experience and design partnership with financial companies of all shapes and sizes, Mad*Pow leverages strategic design and the psychology of motivation to create innovative experiences and compelling digital solutions.  Mad*Pow also has a Healthcare Experience Design (HXD) conference every Spring in Boston.

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